The days when access control meant a door, a desk and a receptionist are long gone. The key to security in a modern building is the right combination of physical barriers and smart technology, expertly integrated by Data Pacific.

Data Pacific can design and install an access control system that integrates intercoms, cameras, access control and alarms. With a turnkey package that’s tailored to your building, you’ll have peace of mind and a system that’s easy to manage.

Our systems can be set up for one door or 100 doors, with any combination of swipe card access, automatic doors, magnetic locks on doors, v-locks, drop bolts and card readers. We can provide timed access to specific doors or gates and intruder detection point-to-point beams for extra security. Our technology partners include Cardax, Gallagher, Concept, Tecom and Genesis.

If you require remote access, a managed solution, or integration with intercoms for secure access, our team will design a system you can rely on. For ease of management, we can set up your access control system to deliver text message or email alerts to your keyholders, while detailed logs provide a record of everyone who has entered the building.