With the ongoing deployment of high-speed networking, there’s a need for cabling infrastructure to be properly installed and tested to internationally recognised standards such as NZS 3080. This is your assurance that the cabling system will support all current and future networking requirements.

Our team understands the challenges in delivering communications cabling solutions, and has the expertise to design and deliver an innovative system that works.

We can provide the pathway for public and private information networks utilising twisted pair cabling, patch panels, fibre optic cabling, fibre media convertors, SFP ports and switches, and cabling for wireless access points. The result is a turnkey solution, encompassing intelligent hardware through to PABXs and VOIP solutions.

To ensure confidence in our quality and design, we use only certified installers such as Tyco, Systimax and Hubble. This enables us to provide a certified site with full warranty endorsed by the component supplier for up to 25 years.