The ASB North Wharf building is unique in its architectural design and layout and is the most advanced commercial office building of its type in New Zealand. Using integrated technology ensuring that lighting, access, security, communications, climate control & connectivity all link together to optimise the quality of the working environment whilst reducing ecological impacts and greenhouse gas emissions, it is at the forefront of new workplace buildings internationally.

Data Pacific Limited provided a custom solution to meet the Information Communications Cabling (ICT) requirements including sound reducing cabinets, custom made cable dispensers and custom designed ceiling cable supports to cater for the open plan industrial nature of the space and airflow requirements. Three termination locations {floor distributors FD’s} on each level cater for the almost 3000 outlets and all FDs have a diverse fibre backbone utilising factory terminated MPO fibre ensuring that the guaranteed 10 gigabit p/sec data speed is maintained from the Core Equipment room via the FD’s to every outlet/workstation/wireless device.

With all other building services utilising the ICT cabling network for their TCP/IP platform, timing, coordination & project management for Data Pacific was critical.